Scale With Success® Accelerator

Sales Email Sequence 


Create a sales email sequence to sell Scale With Success® Accelerator following a 5 day challenge event.


  • Includes 2 nurture emails to prime and intrigue email list

  • Followed by a unique series of 7 automated sales emails 

  • Takes email list on a journey from initial curiosity to point of purchase

  • Includes social proof, personal story, case study, last call, objection killer, and pain point themed emails

  • Strong curiosity driven and open-loop subject lines (including testing variations)

  • Includes strong CTA's and P.S. notes in every email and concludes with price and time scarcity


  • Average open rate: 55%

  • Average click-through rate: 5.44%

  • See below for an example of email #1 in this sequence...

CB ACC Sales Email Mockup.png
CB ACC Sales Email Full Length.jpg