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Effective Copy That Incites Action, Drives Sales, and Resonates With Your Audience.     

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Hi, I'm Olivia. I help you put your best foot forward by saying something that means something.

So, you know you have an amazing product or service... but how do you make sure your target audience knows that too? Sometimes you only have a few sentences, or even a few words, to convince your audience of why you are unique and valuable to them. Why should they choose you?


Communicating your why takes strategy, planning, and a logical approach mixed with the personality, voice, and deep understanding that endears you to your customers.


This is just part of what can make writing for your business a daunting task. That's where I come in.


In me you are not only getting a copywriter, but a strategic partner and friend who wants to see you and your business thrive. From email newsletters and direct mail pieces, to web copy and product descriptions, I handle the writing so that you can focus what you do best; sharing your unique product or service with the world.

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