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Olivia is a passionate copywriter who is… 
not going to write about herself in the 3rd person.

(You can’t make me!)

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I’m a creative person at heart who also loves investigating the “why” behind anything and everything. Which includes analyzing numbers, patterns, and data trends.


Hence, when I discovered the world of copywriting I knew without a doubt that this is what I’m meant to be doing - and doing well.


Time and time again, I’ve seen an amazing product or service get completely lost in the crowd. When I investigate further, it never fails that their copy is lifeless, stiff, and filled with meaningless buzzwords that totally miss the point. 


And there’s nothing I hate more than watching a life changing product or person sit there and, well… not change any lives. 

That’s why I’m on a mission to help brands, businesses, and individuals stand out from the crowd with strong, conversion-driven copy, that makes it crystal clear:

  • Who they are

  • What they value

  • What they bring to the table

  • How they change lives 

  • Why their audience needs them

Inauthentic sounding copy is a huge turn-off to your audience. The kind that causes them to lock the door and throw away the key when it comes to your brand - before you’ve even had a chance to win them over.


Consumers now a days have simply lost their patience for the fake and formulaic approach. 

It's easy to sense when what you're looking at is lacking nuance, understanding, and the genuine connection that audiences' crave.


It's my job to help you and your company reach your goals - no matter how big or small, simple or complicated.


That why I bring more than just a freelance copywriter to every project I work on. In me, you'll find a friend, consultant, and team player who wants to see you succeed.


I bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, and game-changing (a.k.a. money-making) strategies to the table.


Because I believe that absolutely nothing is out of reach for you and your business.


Ready to make it happen?

Click below to book your free discovery call.

"Olivia is an incredible writer and collaborator, whether it’s creating something from scratch or editing and improving existing copy, she brings value to every project she works on. She was able to take the general idea of our audience’s pain points and craft high-converting copy across a multitude of channels. She really understood the “voice” of our customer and used her writing to tap into exactly what they needed to hear in order to take action. She collaborated with our designer and ads manager to ensure the copy aligned with our ad designs and brand guidelines. I highly recommend her!"

Keymi Ordenana, Executive Assistant and HR Director

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